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Organic Gulaals (Pack of 5)

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100% Herbal

Vegan Product

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Organic Gulaals (Pack of 5)



Introducing Nature-O-Care's Organic Gulaal, a celebration of colors that embodies purity, safety, and eco-friendliness. Crafted with care, our Gulaal is designed to enhance your festivities while ensuring the well-being of your loved ones and the environment.
Note: These are all natural colours with no chemicals added, so actual colours may vary.

How to Use

Get Set: Slip into your comfiest clothes because things are about to get colorful! Don't forget to moisturize your skin beforehand to make cleanup a breeze.

Unpack the Fun: open the packs and behold the colors waiting inside - Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, and Blue.

Pick Your Palette: Choose your favorite hues or mix them up for a wild combo - it's all about your personal style.

Splash on the Color: Grab a pinch of Gulaal and start sprinkling it wherever you want.

Wash It Off: When the fun's over, hop in the shower and rinse off the colors. Our Gulaal washes off easily, so you'll be squeaky clean in no time.

Wrap It Up: Once you're done, make sure to dispose of any leftover Gulaal responsibly. Let's keep the planet as colorful as our celebrations!


🔸Food colour


🔸 All-Natural and Eco-friendly

🔸 100% chemical-free.

🔸 Certified and Tested by the National Toxicology

🔸 Skin-friendly, soft in texture, safe for kids, and easy to wash.

100% Herbal
COD Available
Vegan Products
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