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Ashwagandha Pain Reliever

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100% Herbal

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Ashwagandha Pain Reliever



Nature-O-Care herbal pain reliever is made of 51 handpicked herbs and oils to give ultimate pain relief. It used to treat muscle pain, stiffness headache, backache and sciatica or any other muscle pain. It can also be used in body pain during fever and from 1 year old to any age. It also helps relieve old pain and injuries by deep penetration of herbal mixtures.

How to Use

Massage gently on affected area two to three times daily for quick relief. After the application of balm, cover the affected area with a cloth.


Lal Chandan, Mundi, Sada, Chandan,
Vidanga, Manjistha, Dheri, Kutaki,
Kurnol, Haridra, Taj, Pipal, Sinkona,
Ashwagandha, Deodar, Sunthi, Kuchila,
Malkanganj, Nagar Mutha, Lakha,
Trivet(teudi), Khus, Dhatura Root,
Dalchini, Lahsun, Muramansi, Til Oil,
Chirata, Kanakari, Koi Phal, Akamal,
Lankasig, Rasna(Kulanjan), Chita,
Adusa (basak pata), Rari Mul, Gulancha(Giloy),
Samulapata, BanAdrak, Amarbel, Tesira,
CanelPhal, Nishinda Pata, Dhatura Phal,
Alloy Pata, Turpentine, Oil, Sajna Chal,
Menthol, Datura Sekar (root), Ajwain Oil,
Hadjod, Wintergreen Oil

Ashwagandha: Linoleic acid, found in wheat germ oil, helps nourish and condition the hair. Hair damage may be repaired and hair loss can be avoided with its hydrating and nourishing effects.

Ajwain Oil: Preventing grey hair is a key advantage of Ajwain for hair. Hair loss and dandruff on the scalp are two of the most common hair-related issues that affect most individuals.

Dhatura root: Dandruff and hair loss may be reduced with the use of dhatura seeds. Datura’s restorative capabilities aid in minimizing hair loss and promoting hair growth.

Red Sandalwood: The anti-microbial qualities of this strong skin antiseptic make it beneficial for cleaning out blackheads and spots, as well as moisturizing dry skin and easing irritation and itching.


Strengthen muscle and helps in easy movement of blood when applied for relief. A Good muscle relaxant. Also effective in headache and also in cold &cough in kids and adults too. 100% herbal -no side effects.

100% Herbal
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