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Minty Tulsi Handmade Bathing Bar 75 GMS

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100% Herbal

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Minty Tulsi Handmade Bathing Bar 75 GMS



Nature-O-Care Mint and Tulsi Handmade Bar is rich in anti-inflammatory properties which helps in lightening the appearance of acne, blackheads and redness of skin.

This soap makes the skin feel fresh and rejuvenate. Mint and Tulsi Soap absorbs the heat of the body leaving it with a Natural Cooling effect. Tulsi enhances the luster of dull-looking skin and also treats acne and other skin infections.

How to Use

Basil Essential Oil, Pudina, Tulsi, Pudina Leaf Powde, Tulsi Leaf Powder, Pudina Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil,
Vegetable Oil, Palm Oil, Glycerin, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragance.

Basil Oil
– Basil oil has been shown to significantly increase the rate of hair growth. By stimulating hair follicles and stimulating blood flow to the scalp, massaging basil oil into the scalp encourages the growth of new, healthy hair.

Pudina: When applied topically, pudina oil may provide a cooling sensation by increasing blood flow to the region. It has been observed that peppermint oil may improve follicle count, depth of follicles, and total hair development in mice.

Coconut Oil: Hair hydration is another benefit of using coconut oil, in addition to its benefits for the scalp. Because it’s so quickly absorbed, it’s better at healing dry hair than other oils.

Olive Oil: Healthy fats, vitamins, and antioxidants abound in olive oil, making it an excellent choice for glowing, younger-looking skin.


• Herbal Neem Tulsi Soap helps clean, tone and nourish the skin.
• It supports to fight skin dryness and retain skin moisture.
• It is antibacterial ayurvedic soap.
• SLES & Parabens Free.
• Animal fat free.
• Not tested on animals.

100% Herbal
COD Available
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