Lavender Essential Oil 15 ML

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Lavender essential oil is the most versatile of all the essential oils. Most commonly known for its relaxing effects on mind and body. Therapeutic grade lavender oil has been highly regarded for the skin. Lavender oil has floral, fresh and sweet aroma.

How To Use

For skin & hair- add 1 or 2 drops of essential oil to any carrier oil and blend well. Don’t use directly on skin and hair.
For Aroma Therapy – Add a few drops of oil in your aroma diffuser to use as a room freshener.
Keep away from the eyes. Shake well before use.
Use 7 to 10 drops in the bucket of water to give you a relaxing feeling.

Caution: do not apply directly on the skin and outer clothes as it may result in stains in some fabrics


Calms itchy scalp and damaged hair, Relieves anxiety and fatigue, Uplifts mood, Effective bug repellent, Aids in treating insomnia, Soothes skin irritation





A natural sedative, it is great for treating insomnia and other sleep-induced disorders. It’s also an antiseptic and works well with acne and cuts. It is also used to heal knee and joint pains.


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