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Bhringraj Hair Combo With Free Neem Comb

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Nature-o-care hair combo is answer to all your hair problems.Infused with natural ingredients it prevents and repair damaged hair, strengthen hair follicles and helps in re qrowth of hair.

Nature-o-Care Maha Bhringraj Oil is an ayurvedic remedy prescribed in the Vedas for treatment for hair fall, headache, cures sleeplessness, premature greying, regrowth, improves blood circulation in hair follicles.

Nature-o-Care Triphala Hair Cleanser is a mild low foaming hair cleanser with high quality natural ingredients that promotes healthy scalp, conditions and deep cleanses hair. Beheda & Harde keep the scalp free from bacteria and Amla strengthens hair folicles, thus controlling hair fall and promotes hair re-growth.

Nature-o-Care Hair Conditioner is enriched with extract of Neem and Aloevera which helps in intense repair and deep nourishment of the hair. It is free from SLS /SLES, and Parabens. Regular application stimulates the hair roots, repairs dry, dull and damaged hair and improves overall hair texture.


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