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One of the pioneers of beauty-care essentials with vegan ingredients, in India today, Nature-o-care is fast emerging as a leader in terms of the remarkable performances demonstrated by its high-quality products, results delivered and promises kept.

The ingredients besides being trustworthy in delivering results, are also vegan, a trend that is picking up in the modern world. It is also considered trending to try very hard to save the environment as well as prevent cruelty to animals of other species.

Each individual product is unique by itself and the result oriented remedial actions of some of its products like pain reliever balm is fast making it an over the counter liniment for severe pain like that experienced by terminally ill.

Our products are freely available at Luke holistic health store by Luke Coutinho, the internationally recognized holistic healer and lifestyle coach.

Profile (Nature-O-Care)

ature by default, evokes pictures of Adam and Eve in the exotic garden of Eden amidst the best that God has created for mankind. The care that nature bestowed on them is our PROMISE to you. Eve’s beauty was totally natural; her cosmetics were from the natural flora in this enchanted, magical garden of herbs. Indian Ayurveda has since centuries, recommended just such natural sources for body and beauty care, much before paraben and other such chemicals with their instant but short-acting results were discovered. Our products aim to nurture and care for your body, skin and hair just like nature, and hence we classify them as true beauty-care givers.

t Nature-o-care, we are committed to bring to you, authentic products obtained from nature that heal all your senses with pure, natural care. We are an all-herbal company whose products, besides being purely vegan are a wonderful blend of age-old, nature-based, philosophy and techniques; the time-tested protocol of Ayurveda, and never losing sight of the needs of modern users, also some amount of modern-day research, to create effectiveness that is essentially nature’s gifts to you and the society at large. Our manufacturing unit based in Kolkata under the expert guidance of …………………is constantly upgrading our knowledge data base as well as the product array we have on offer.

oday’s fast-paced advancements in technology have introduced a variety of artificially formulated, body-care and beauty products for hair and skin in the market. As the users increase, the products are further adulterated with ingredients that can show instant results but are pretty lethal in the long run with pretty severe side effects. The younger generations have realised the toxicity of these artificial chemicals and their long-term, harmful side-effects and are turning to natural therapeutic products more and more. Nature-o-care offers just these kinds of products with naturally occurring ingredients in the recipes that ancient Vedic scriptures have already cited as being very beneficial for the human skin and hair.

ser friendly in kind, all our products, besides being labelled as authentically vegan but are also cruelty free as well as animal and environment friendly as a bonus. Many of our products were in fact, just waiting to be derived naturally from our environment. By blending this nature-based philosophy of ancient times with the strictly adherent protocol of Indian Ayurveda, we at Nature-o care have tried to offer truly transformative care to meet the needs of modern users, Nature-o-care thus offers remedial care to our clients, our communities, and our society at large with definitive sure-fire results.

emedial by nature, Nature-O-Care’s products have combined the goodness of some of nature’s prized herbs with other equally healing elements. Mother Earth has gifted us with amazing elements that have natural healing properties, which in turn are capable of providing permanent remedial solutions. By the diffusion of these in special flower-based extract oils, Nature-O-Care provides our customers with an absolutely exhilarating experience of remedies to a variety of ailments.

coCert is the certification body that is responsible for the development of standards for natural and organic ingredients that are used in various cosmetic formulations all over the world. The approved ingredients should be derived from renewable and natural resources. It is currently one of the leading and most trusted European authorities to provide ecological and organic certifications. As mentioned earlier, our ingredients are either 100% natural, vegan, naturally derived, and certified safe-to-use by EcoCert. Nature-o-care has taken a pledge that the ingredients are certified with respect to not just their formulation and manufacturing but also to the way they are grown and harvested. Eco-cert approved, genuine ingredients, in our entire range are thus our signature and undying promise to our customers.

ver-the-counter products with harmful chemicals are trending in the market today. With the dynamic lifestyles and fast-paced lives that most people are leading in today’s world, quality time devoted to the welfare of one’s own body has become a thing of the past. As a result, people have started opting for the quickly and easily accessible, chemically synthesized, paraben and sulphate-based products that essentially give temporary solutions. This in turn can cause severe side effects. Our Nature-O-Care products offer a wide range of wellness as well as beauty products that are infused with elements found in nature alone;- ingredients that help “Healing You The Natural Way”.

ategories that our products include are many and varied: skin care, body care, hair care, baby nourishers, balms and other mind and body essentials. Useful for people of all ages, our products vary from enhancers of daily beauty regimens to alternative medicaments as pain-relieving necessities.  But, none of our products contain any animal by-products or animal-based ingredients, and are also never tested on animals. Our clean plant-based ingredients and other naturally occurring elements form the pure formulations that ensure real, longer-lasting results and are a line of high-performing grooming essentials that harnesses nature’s finest ingredients.

ll our products are also free of chemicals and chemical variants of sulphates, parabens, silicones, petrochemicals and other artificial additives and preservatives. Our Products are formulated without the use of the following harmful ingredients SLS, SLES, PARABEN, MEA, DEA, TEA, PETROLATUM, PHTHALATES, ETHOXYLATES, ARTIFICIAL COLOUR, ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCES, or SILICONES. Besides, great care is taken towards quality assurance at every step during the manufacturing process in our unit based in Kolkata. Nature-o-care is your answer to a budget-friendly premium brand of a range of beauty products that are totally natural and free of harmful chemical additives.

ange of products we offer with the vegan label is very wide. We have handcrafted and certified our entire range to provide a completely satisfactory experience for our customers. Economical and friendly to your pocket is another promise that we at Nature-O-Care make.

nvied by the other bigwigs of the vegan beauty care industry, Nature-O-Care’s wide array of products have their heart in the science of Ayurveda and are 100% organic as well as vegan in nature. We have a variety of products ranging from bathing products, hair care products, facial wellness products to even pain reliever balms to cater to the different needs of people. We take great pride in having the reputation of making premium quality care-products in meticulous synchronization of the teachings of the Ayurveda and the advances in modern science.